I.N.S. - Psycholetalis

Flight of the dead mind. 
A look of consciousness remains of a corpse lying on the ground. 
The only thing he sees - the sky. 
Psycholetalis in its manifestation. 
Residual flight glow mind and soul. 
Steps are no more. 
Stayed flight.

I.N.S. - Horizon Effrego

Set all that we once knew. 
That was created over the centuries, hundreds of years, billions of years. 
All in a moment destroyed by the fault egoestichnogo creation, 
the animal who puts himself above all, above nature. 
His Name - Homo Sapiense...

I.N.S. - Delirium
Change of consciousness up to a total loss. 
The narrowing of visual fields to the lower limits. 
Madness in the progressive form. 
Another reality of the mind. 
A different way of thinking ...Delirium...

I.N.S. - Nodus
Nodus (lat. - node). Node in the neck of mankind was and is an atomic weapon. 
Inevitably affecting everything in its path, it will continue to kill anyone who will face. 
This is an inevitable step, and all of us will soon have to feel this knot in my neck. 
Which will close the access of air and leave a dead body ...